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101 L'Isola di Einstein - Isola Polvese, Lago Trasimeno (PG) 2882
102 Ham Radio DE 2016 - Friedrichshafen 2408
103 Evento Scout AGESCI-ARI a Perugia 3854
104 Micro Energy Day 2016 1606
105 Incontro con il Sindaco di Perugia Andrea Romizi 2407
106 Assemblea soci ARIPG 2016 e pranzo sociale 1840
107 Manutenzione palo telescopico e montaggio antenna Vhf ad Agello 2332
108 Delegazione SV9 in visita a Perugia 1745
109 Serata degli auguri di fine anno 2015 per ARI PG 1995
110 Ham Radio DE 2015 - Friedrichshafen 2456
111 Micro Energy Day 2015 1753
112 ARI PG con l'AGESCI e le Piccole Orme 2317
113 ARI PERUGIA su Radiorivista (ARI DX 2014) 1862
114 Contributo per Istituto Serafico di Assisi 1882
115 Un sogno si è avverato - il papà di I0RSC Franco, è finalmente a casa 2332
116 Assemblea soci ARIPG 2015 e pranzo sociale 1925
117 Florence Hamfest 2015 1734
118 ARDUINO che cosa è...?? 2507
119 Serata degli auguri di fine anno 2014 per ARI PG 1692
120 Mostra radioamatoriale a Palazzo di Assisi 2413
121 LoTW Tutorial 2102
122 Manutenzione parco antenne del sito di Agello 2531
123 Attivi a 90 anni come Ennio I0FHZ 4164
124 Celebrazione ad Assisi, di San M.Kolbe, Patrono dei Radioamatori 4217
125 Nuovo Consiglio Direttivo ARI Perugia 1782
126 Ham Radio DE 2014 - Friedrichshafen 2455
127 Verbale scrutinio ELEZIONI ARIPG 2014 1761
128 Assemblea soci ARIPG 2014 e pranzo sociale 1825
129 QST Aprile 2014 - Shared Apex Loop Array - (I0GEJ) 3952
130 Ricordo di I0ZQB Gianpaolo - SK 4282
131 Verbale referendum per Modifica Statuto ARIPG 2733
132 Serata degli auguri di fine anno 2013 per ARI PG 2520
133 ENIGMA - cifrare e decifrare - Serata con ARI PG 2725
134 Cavalieri per la Pace - ARI PG e 'La collina degli Ulivi' 2411
135 Gemellaggio ARIPG e RAUNG e Conferenza di SV2CLJ 4768
136 Ham Radio DE 2013 - Friedrichshafen 3780
137 Going digital... I modi digitali 3077
138 Assemblea soci ARIPG 2013 e pranzo sociale 2634
139 Cavalieri del Millennio - ARI PG ed il Centro Pace di Assisi 3872
140 Assemblea Nazionale G.I.R.F 2013 ad Assisi 3074
141 Radioamatori ed elettrosmog - Arpa Bologna gennaio 2013 2384
142 Auguri di Natale Sezione ARI Perugia 2472
143 Donazione tenda da campo al Museo degli Alpini di Trento 2645
144 Allestimento locali nuova sala radio in Sezione 2436
145 Ruolo d'Onore ARI - nov.2012 2645
146 Ken KJ6SJZ, visita il bunker di I0ZQB 3192
147 Amarcord 1981 - Insoddisfatti del contest?? 2893
148 ARIPG incontra IQ6LN sull'Isola Polvese 2726
149 Incontro con I1OVI Presidente ARI Torino 3208
150 I0RSC e Fiorella - 50 anni di vita insieme 2489

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Previsioni Meteo Umbria


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The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the U.S. with news, information and resources.
  • Solar activity did a rebound this week, back to more active levels.Average daily sunspot number increased from 36.6 to 65.4.Average daily 10.7 cm solar flux rose from 95.7 to 111.9.Solar wind caused geomagnetic numbers to rise, with average planetary A index going from 7.7 to 14.4, and middle latitude numbers from 8.6 to 12.1.An improved outlook shows solar flux over the next month peaking at 1...

  • This year's 10th Youngsters on the Air Summer Camp is taking place in Karlovac, Croatia, August 6 - 13, 2022. Attending from the Americas is Mily Erazo, YS1YXI, from El Salvador, along with her father, Juan Erazo, YS1JFE, who is participating as a team leader. Participants are publishing a daily blog from the camp:

  • Two major ham radio events in August will host Division Conventions for ARRL The National Association for Amateur Radio®. On August 20 - 21, the Huntsville Hamfest will be the host of the ARRL Southeastern Division Convention at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama. On August 26 - 28, the Northeast HamXposition will host the combined ARRL New England and Hudson Division Conventions at th...

  • MFJ Enterprises, an amateur radio electronics manufacturer and retailer, will celebrate 50 years in business this October. Martin Jue, K5FLU, founded the company in 1972 after building a CW filter kit that sold for less than $10. Since 1990 the company has made five acquisitions, including Hy-Gain and Cushcraft antennas.MFJ Customer Services and Public Relations Manager Richard Stubbs says the ...

  • ARRL has unveiled its new Radio Laboratory, W1HQ. In a new YouTube video, Jherica Goodgame, KI5HTA, a summer intern at ARRL Headquarters, tours viewers through the station."The ARRL Radio Lab is an innovative test space designed to reshape the way we imagine and build a ham radio shack," said Goodgame. The station is intended to inspire members to build, organize, and equip their own stations i...

  • Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) has awarded a grant to the Sangamon Valley Radio Club (SVRC) in Springfield, Illinois for a new project to introduce youth, outdoor enthusiasts, and members of the public to amateur radio.The grant is for Radio Orienteering activities, also known as Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF). SVRC will purchase transmitters, controllers, receivers, maps, ...

  • Solar activity continued to decline this week, with average daily sunspot number dropping from 91.1 to 36.6 and average solar flux at 95.7, down from 107.6 the week prior.Thursday's sunspot number was above the average for the previous seven days at 52.  Solar flux on Thursday was above the previous seven day average at 108.8.  The 2300 UTC flux was 111.3.We've not seen lower values since mid-A...

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  • 20 / 40 Meter Short Coil Loaded Dipole Antenna, Sherwood Tools - Rigs, Price and Satisfaction Studies, CW Trainer for Morserino 32, ESP32 CW Keyer, Iambic Master, VSWR Calculator, The Timing Keyer

  • Spy Numbers Recordings, SWR-Display, I5HGM KiwiSDR, KI7NEW Morse Code Trainer, Arduino Morse Code Trainer, 3D Printed Twin Paddle Cw Key, Attenuator control

  • Interactive Worldwide Map of Amateur Radio and more, The Vertical Buddi Beam for 20m, DigiLink, KiWi WebSDR Maps, The K4ICY Minty Keyer, Magnetic Loop Controller for 4 Antennas, Code Practice Oscillator, VHF UHF Low noise Amplifiers , ZS1II VE2EK Amateur Radio Blog, IU1FIG Italian Amateur Radio Station,

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  • The new FT-710 AESS is a compact design yet provides 100W output, utilizing the advanced digital RF technology introduced in the FTDX101 and FTDX10 series.

  • IC-R20 by Icom. Wideband Receiver Professional radioreceiver, allow double receiver, from HF to Microwave, digital recorde, DTCS, Memories and 11 hours countinuous reception.

  • Radio Equipment/VHF-UHF Handhelds/TYT MD-380Collection of modifications for the Retevis RT3, a monoband handheld transceiver for DMR (digital voice) and analog FM. It is almost identical to the Tytera MD-380.

  • DX Resources/CallsignsUse this map to find amateur radio license holders in the USA.





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