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1 La Sezione ARI di Perugia è di nuovo aperta ai soci 65
2 ..è stato un successo!! Field Day HF I.A.R.U. Reg. 1 SSB 2021–Memorial I0FLY 114
3 Field Day HF I.A.R.U. Reg. 1 SSB 2021–Memorial I0FLY 179
4 Nomina FIPAV UMBRIA per IK0FUX 785
5 La Sezione ARI Perugia è ora... APS 750
6 Consegna targhe commemorative 75.anniversario ARI PG 805
7 Radioassistenza Grifonissima 2021 931
8 Premiazione FIELD DAY 2019 e 2020 - Memorial I0FLY 810
9 Ponte RU6.. operativo 784
10 Assemblea soci ARIPG 2021 online 955
11 Diploma celebrativo per i 75 anni di ARI Perugia 1163
12 75 anni... Auguri per ARI Perugia 1315
13 Cariche sociali per il nuovo CD e CS di ARI Perugia 1586
14 Verbale accettazione delle cariche sociali per il nuvo CD e CS di ARI Perugia 1275
15 Risultati scrutinio elezioni 2020 per rinnovo cariche C.D. di ARI Perugia 1026
16 Esercitazione di Protezione Civile ARI RE 2263
17 IZ0ABD HF Beacon Manager 920
18 Assemblea soci ARIPG 2020 online 1003
19 Comunicato MISE del 30/09/2020 - Esami online 955
20 IQ0PG/P - Field Day HF IARU Region 1 SSB 2020 - Memorial I0FLY 1368
21 Classifiche Contest Sezioni ARI 2020 1159
22 Classifiche ARI DX 2020 - 1st Place ARI PG 6891
23 Dismissione sito contest di Agello 786
24 Rinnovo delle cariche del C.R.Umbria 2758
25 Secondo webinar con Istituto Ciuffelli di Todi 603
26 Webinar con Istituto Ciuffelli di Todi 648
28 Autocostruzione antenna per i 6 metri 3823
29 I0NAA - Ricezione immagini EME 9857
30 Manutenzione antenne prefettura Perugia 611
31 Serata degli auguri di fine anno 2019 per ARI PG 1540
32 Declared Contest CQWW 2019 - ARI PG... by I0ZUT (2) 1419
33 Classifiche ARI DX 2019 - ARI PG in bella evidenza... 1912
34 Field Day 2019 SSB HF/VHF - IQ0PG 1902
35 Comunicazione del MI.S.E. - Rinnovo licenza 2343
36 Collegamento con la base italiana Concordia in Antartide 2607
37 Ham Radio DE 2019 - Friedrichshafen 1965
38 Assemblea soci ARIPG 2019 e pranzo sociale 2783
39 WRTC 2022 su RAI3 - Radioamatori Perugia 1918
40 IZ0DBA dona le sue radio alla Sezione ARI di Perugia 2062
41 Antenne HF per tutti a costo zero 2106
42 I radioamatori e la protezione civile 1768
43 Contest University Italy 2019 Montichiari (BS) 1612
44 La vita del DXer 1644
45 A caccia del DXCC 1855
46 Flex Radio Day 1643
47 Neopatentati ARI PG nel Contest Bande Basse 1797
48 Panadapter SDR su radio non più alla moda.. 1757
49 IZ0ABD Buon Anno 2019 1742
50 Le mie antenne RX by IK0XBX 3521

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Ricevitore SDR ARI PG


Previsioni Meteo Umbria


IQ0PG & IQ0PG/P awards





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The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the U.S. with news, information and resources.
  • The Volunteer Monitor (VM) Program is a joint initiative between the ARRL and FCC to enhance compliance in the Amateur Radio Service. This is the VM Program report for September 2021.Technician operators in Mansfield, Ohio; Avon Park, Florida, and Pulaski, Tennessee, received Advisory Notices after making numerous FT8 contacts on 20 meters. Technician licensees do not have operating privileges ...

  • Students at the Mary Hare School for deaf children in the UK took part in what appears to have been a world-first event for Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS). Facilitating the late-morning direct contact with astronaut Mark Vande Hei, KG5GNP, at NA1SS were ARISS-UK and members of the Newbury and District Amateur Radio Society (NADARS). The ground station used the call sig...

  • Richard H. “Rich” Arland, K7SZ, of Dacula, Georgia, died on October 7. An ARRL member, he was 75. In addition to other books, Arland was the author of Low-Power Communication and other ARRL publications, and he was an avid QRP enthusiast and experimenter. Arland had been a radio amateur since 1963. He volunteered in the ARRL Field Organization as a Technical Advisor and as an Official Emergency...

  • During the Edmond (Oklahoma) Amateur Radio Society’s ARRL Field Day 2021, Marcus Sutliff, N5ZY, spoke with visitors from John D’Aquino’s Young Actors Workshop (YAW) and learned of their plans to make a short film in which amateur radio plays a role, and they needed some help. The filming was to take place in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and they needed someone with film or video experience and someone...

  • Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) is helping high school computer science students become makers by providing a grant to purchase Raspberry Pi computers and Arduino microcontrollers. California High School computer science AP teacher Sean Raser said he believes that a hands-on approach is the most effective way for students to learn and retain knowledge. The class would aim to accompl...

  • Get ready to place your last-minute bids on items for sale in the 16th Annual ARRL Online Auction. GigaParts is sponsoring this year’s auction, which features QST “Product Review” items, vintage gear, classic books, novelties, and the ever-popular ARRL Lab “Mystery” boxes. Visit the Auction website, register to bid, and check out details on the items available. Keep an eye on the ARRL Facebook ...

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  • JOTA Jamboree on the Air is a spectacular opportunity to introduce Scouts to amateur radio. 15-17 October 2021

  • How to Tune Dipole Antennas, Double Quad Antenna for VHF UHF, Lightweight 6 Meter Moxon, Experiments with 160m antennas, The KA7OEI FT-817 Battery Types, FCC Callsign Database Script, The FT-817 Calibration Menu

  • The ARCO is a modern rotator controller designed for reliable operation with virtually any rotator

  • Trapped five band EFHW SOTA antenna, Multiband End-fed 80-10m Antenna, Portable magnetic loop antenna, SDR4Space, Coil-Shortened Vertical Antenna Calculator, QSO Map Pyton Script,,

  • New from Yaesu, a dual-band 50W 2M/70CM FM mobile radio.

  • IC-R20 by Icom. Wideband Receiver Professional radioreceiver, allow double receiver, from HF to Microwave, digital recorde, DTCS, Memories and 11 hours countinuous reception.

  • Antennas/Magnetic LoopVHF Antenna in a Lunchbox, The Magnetic Loop on Two Metres. The two metre magnetic loop is a compact antenna which can easily be hung up under the eaves, the carport, or any other place where space is limited including indoors

  • Radio Equipment/HF Transceivers/Yaesu FT-817Reflected power and VSWR Metering on Yaesu FT-817, and proper interpretation of real values. The power output meter it is a relative indicator of the antenna match that the radio is experiencing. Reference table and how correctly read the values of the Yaesu internal meter.





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