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1 Verbale CD accettazione cariche sociali 2023-2026 120
2 Ricordo di I0ZUT Giampiero - SK 280
3 Sala radio Prefettura Perugia - Rete Zamberletti 714
4 Field Day - Esercitazione Protezione Civile 684
5 ARI PG - Attività estive 883
6 Ricordo per un amico... de I0KWX 632
7 Risultati Field Day HF IARU Reg.1 CW 2022 4062
8 IQ0PG – JN63JF – Eremo di Serrasanta Gualdo Tadino (PG) 1097
9 Costruzione Yagi 144Mhz ad alta efficienza 1546
10 Costruzione alimentatore riciclando un vecchio switch 3Com 1446
11 Esercitazione di protezione civile nazionale ARI PG 1507
12 Congresso ARI VHF & UP 2022 1959
13 Contest University Italy 2022 Montichiari (BS) 2990
14 Radioassistenza Grifonissima 2022 2208
15 Prove di sintonia da sala radio della prefettura Perugia 2181
16 Contest 40-80 - Esercitazione P.C. - Rassegna stampa 1960
17 Contest 40-80 2021 - IQ0PG 1554
18 La Sezione ARI di Perugia è di nuovo aperta ai soci 6060
19 ..è stato un successo!! Field Day HF I.A.R.U. Reg. 1 SSB 2021–Memorial I0FLY 2011
20 Field Day HF I.A.R.U. Reg. 1 SSB 2021–Memorial I0FLY 1973
21 Nomina FIPAV UMBRIA per IK0FUX 3661
22 La Sezione ARI Perugia è ora... APS 2419
23 Consegna targhe commemorative 75.anniversario ARI PG 2551
24 Radioassistenza Grifonissima 2021 2479
25 Premiazione FIELD DAY 2019 e 2020 - Memorial I0FLY 2491
26 Ponte RU6.. operativo 2298
27 Assemblea soci ARIPG 2021 online 2228
28 Diploma celebrativo per i 75 anni di ARI Perugia 2236
29 75 anni... Auguri per ARI Perugia 2488
30 Cariche sociali per il nuovo CD e CS di ARI Perugia 2538
31 Verbale accettazione delle cariche sociali per il nuvo CD e CS di ARI Perugia 2600
32 Risultati scrutinio elezioni 2020 per rinnovo cariche C.D. di ARI Perugia 1972
33 Esercitazione di Protezione Civile ARI RE 3267
34 IZ0ABD HF Beacon Manager 1945
35 Assemblea soci ARIPG 2020 online 1807
36 Comunicato MISE del 30/09/2020 - Esami online 1774
37 IQ0PG/P - Field Day HF IARU Region 1 SSB 2020 - Memorial I0FLY 2471
38 Classifiche Contest Sezioni ARI 2020 2204
39 Classifiche ARI DX 2020 - 1st Place ARI PG 7685
40 Dismissione sito contest di Agello 1542
41 Rinnovo delle cariche del C.R.Umbria 3538
42 Secondo webinar con Istituto Ciuffelli di Todi 1331
43 Webinar con Istituto Ciuffelli di Todi 1377
45 Autocostruzione antenna per i 6 metri 5758
46 I0NAA - Ricezione immagini EME 10621
47 Manutenzione antenne prefettura Perugia 1336
48 Serata degli auguri di fine anno 2019 per ARI PG 2341
49 Declared Contest CQWW 2019 - ARI PG... by I0ZUT (2) 2502
50 Classifiche ARI DX 2019 - ARI PG in bella evidenza... 2807

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Ricevitore SDR ARI PG


Previsioni Meteo Umbria


IQ0PG & IQ0PG/P awards





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The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the U.S. with news, information and resources.
  • The airwaves are markedly dimmer this week, social media is filled with heartfelt tributes, and industry leaders are mourning. Longtime fixture of amateur radio Charles “Chip” Margelli, K7JA, passed away after a brief illness. Margelli was an ARRL Life Member.“The light and love of my life is gone,” Margelli’s widow Janet, KL7MF, posted on Facebook. “He enjoyed 60 wonderful years as a ham and 4...

  • Both average daily sunspot numbers and solar flux increased this week.  Average daily sunspot numbers rose from 118.6 to 133.4, while average solar flux went from 143.2 to 161.2. Geomagnetic indicators were more active.  Average daily planetary A index went from 9.6 to 17.1, while average middle latitude A index rose from 9.6 to 14.4. Predicted solar flux is 150 on May 26, 155 on May 27 and 28,...

  • The results of two balloted Section Manager elections held this spring were determined when the ballots were counted at ARRL Headquarters on Tuesday, May 23, 2023.John Bigley, N7UR, incumbent Section Manager of the ARRL Nevada Section, was re-elected when he received 277 votes, and Jim Shepherd, W6US, of Sparks, received 177 votes. Bigley, of Las Vegas, has been serving as Section Manager since...

  • ARRL greeted attendees in its large exhibit area in the "Tesla" building. Traffic to the exhibit was brisk. Members and prospective members enjoyed meeting with dozens of ARRL program representatives and volunteers. The event hosted the ARRL Great Lakes Division Convention.While the final count is still a few days away from being completed, Hamvention spokesperson Michael Kalter, W8CI, said thi...

  • ARRL  The National Association for Amateur Radio® honors and remembers the ultimate sacrifice made by those who served in the U.S. armed forces. ARRL Headquarters will be closed Monday, May 29, 2023, in observance of Memorial Day. Many of the member services and information offered by ARRL are accessible on our website 24/7.There will be no W1AW code practice or bulletin transmissions on Memori...

  • President Joe Biden announced three nominees for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on May 22, 2023. The President will nominate Anna M. Gomez for a vacant FCC seat. Two sitting Commissioners, Geoffrey Starks and Brendan Carr, will be nominated for new terms at the same time. Gomez is an attorney with decades of experience in domestic and international communications law and policy. Go...

  • The agreement emphasizes the importance of skilled Amateur Radio Operators in times of crisis and the role of ARES leadership within the emergency communications space. ARES (see the ARES fact sheet at is a network of trained Amateur Radio Service licensees organized across the country to provide communications and other support to served agencies, such as local governments, ...

  • by Mark H. Derks, KC1RVQ, ARRL Acquisitions EditorSunday at Dayton Hamvention® proved to be a whirlwind affair, even if the crowds had thinned considerably from Friday and Saturday’s surge. In the ARRL Expo space, a few more books sold out, along with some of the popular sizes for 2023 ARRL Field Day t-shirts. Among the staff and volunteers present, there was a sense that the event had proved a...

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    Latest articles, reviews and links posted to The, an amateur radio, cb radio, scanning and shortwave radio, reference site The Amateur Radio Internet Guide
  • Countries with CEPT Licence, BG2FX Amateur Radios, JBOT QRP linear amplifier, RF Inductor Calculator, DCF77 , JJY, 9X5RU Rwanda,

  • HF DXView Propagation Map, HF EFHW Antenna Antenna Tuner, A Morse Code Practice Oscillator, URE WebCluster, MSF radio time signal, Morse Code Practice Oscillator, CW Key-to-Rig Switch Box,

  • The ID-50 is a compact VHF/UHF dual bander with both D-STAR and FM dual modes. Connecting to the D-STAR network, you can call a friend in another city, or other regions around the world with the ID-50. Smart functions such as Band Scope and Picture Sharing function enhance your QSO experience.

  • 28 MHz Antenna Project, K1FM Mini Magnetic Loop, Portable 40m CW Transceiver , AircraftScatterSharp, 3B7M St Brandon DXPedition, HD8M Galapagos,

  • 20 W HF Power Amplifier, Tri-Band VHF/UHF Antenna Design, Building The Fox-in-a-Box, Aircraft Scatter ACS, Airplane scattering, Taking a look at the 900 MHz band, Thevenin equivalent calculator,

  • IC-R20 by Icom. Wideband Receiver Professional radioreceiver, allow double receiver, from HF to Microwave, digital recorde, DTCS, Memories and 11 hours countinuous reception.

  • Propagation/SunspotsThe estimated international sunspot number (EISN) is a daily value obtained by a simple average over available sunspot counts from prompt stations in the SILSO network.

  • Antennas/ReceivingThis page is a project for a small loop antenna for reception of short wave broadcasting. It is in Portuguese and contains pictures and schematics to build your own antenna





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