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1 75 anni... Auguri per ARI Perugia 115
2 Cariche sociali per il nuovo CD e CS di ARI Perugia 271
3 Verbale accettazione delle cariche sociali per il nuvo CD e CS di ARI Perugia 267
4 Risultati scrutinio elezioni 2020 per rinnovo cariche C.D. di ARI Perugia 286
5 Esercitazione di Protezione Civile ARI RE 655
6 IZ0ABD HF Beacon Manager 339
7 Assemblea soci ARIPG 2020 online 339
8 Comunicato MISE del 30/09/2020 - Esami online 344
9 IQ0PG/P - Field Day HF IARU Region 1 SSB 2020 - Memorial I0FLY 552
10 Classifiche Contest Sezioni ARI 2020 430
11 Classifiche ARI DX 2020 - 1st Place ARI PG 6219
12 Dismissione sito contest di Agello 396
13 Rinnovo delle cariche del C.R.Umbria 2369
14 Secondo webinar con Istituto Ciuffelli di Todi 323
15 Webinar con Istituto Ciuffelli di Todi 330
17 Autocostruzione antenna per i 6 metri 1917
18 I0NAA - Ricezione immagini EME 359
19 Manutenzione antenne prefettura Perugia 293
20 Serata degli auguri di fine anno 2019 per ARI PG 1017
21 Declared Contest CQWW 2019 - ARI PG... by I0ZUT (2) 963
22 Classifiche ARI DX 2019 - ARI PG in bella evidenza... 1353
23 Field Day 2019 SSB HF/VHF - IQ0PG 1427
24 Comunicazione del MI.S.E. - Rinnovo licenza 1825
25 Collegamento con la base italiana Concordia in Antartide 1844
26 Ham Radio DE 2019 - Friedrichshafen 1490
27 Assemblea soci ARIPG 2019 e pranzo sociale 2260
28 WRTC 2022 su RAI3 - Radioamatori Perugia 1469
29 IZ0DBA dona le sue radio alla Sezione ARI di Perugia 1549
30 Antenne HF per tutti a costo zero 1441
31 I radioamatori e la protezione civile 1362
32 Contest University Italy 2019 Montichiari (BS) 1257
33 La vita del DXer 1178
34 A caccia del DXCC 1462
35 Flex Radio Day 1238
36 Neopatentati ARI PG nel Contest Bande Basse 1378
37 Panadapter SDR su radio non più alla moda.. 1251
38 IZ0ABD Buon Anno 2019 1295
39 Le mie antenne RX by IK0XBX 3062
40 Serata degli auguri di fine anno 2018 per ARI PG 907
41 Esame Ministeriale - 2 nuovi radioamatori a Perugia 1145
42 I0NAA-MURMUR rel.7.3.0 per stima ricezione Pulsar 969
43 Corso di telegrafia 2018 1473
44 Radioassistenza Grifonissima 2018 1914
45 Pian di Carpine (PG) 2018 - Esercitazione di P.C. 1115
46 Configurazione IC-7300 con QARTEST 3170
47 Sede ARI PG rinnovata 1260
48 Modulistica ministeriale aggiornata a luglio 2018 1045
49 Esame Ministeriale - Tutti Promossi 1488
50 Seminario: La normativa del servizio di radioamatore 1019

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Ricevitore SDR ARI PG

Previsioni Meteo Umbria


IQ0PG & IQ0PG/P awards





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The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the U.S. with news, information and resources.
  • The spring 2021 Red Cross Nationwide Emergency Communications Winlink Drill will be held on May 8, which is World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day 2021. Details and instructions are available. Sign up for email updates. Ahead of the May nationwide exercise, the American Red Cross (ARC) Emergency Communications training group will continue its Winlink Thursdays training sessions on March 11 and Ap...

  • With the former Voice of America Delano relay site in Central California scheduled for eventual demolition for resale, the Collins Collectors Association (CCA), in association with the Antique Wireless Association (AWA), came up with a plan in 2014 (working, among others, with past ARRL Midwestern Division Director Rod Blocksome, K0DAS, a former Collins engineer), to retrieve one of the Collins...

  • Wyoming and southern Montana hams belonging to the north Yellowstone Amateur Radio Club and Park County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®) took to the wilderness in late January during heavy snow to take part in an emergency preparedness exercise. The groups have about 15 members in all; many more bison and elk roam the roads than do hams.The critical winter duty for North Yellowstone radi...

  • Josh Tanner, the Australian filmmaker who produced the thriller Decommissioned by Perception Pictures, has explained how he came up with the idea to develop the movie short. In the approximately 6-minute film, SuitSat returns in the future to haunt International Space Station commander “Diaz,” played by Joey Vieira, who spots SuitSat, the surplus Russian Orlan spacesuit that was turned into an ...

  • An article describing how radio amateurs can help fill the information “donut hole” by providing post-earthquake “did you feel it” (DYFI) reports via Winlink HF radio email appeared on February 22 in the American Geophysical Union (AGU) magazine Eos. As the article points out, “Ham radio networks gear up to provide real-time, on-the-ground information about earthquake shaking and damage when ot...

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    Latest articles, reviews and links posted to The, an amateur radio, cb radio, scanning and shortwave radio, reference site The
  • How to build a Software Defined Radio, Amateur radio 3D models, MFSK16 APRS Tracker, PCB gEDA, remoteRotator, Ukraine Repeater Map, Audio Repeater,

  • FBK 2m-70cm dualband coax antenna, Fritzing, Yeggi 3D printable Models for Ham Radio, Remote Orbitron Interface, GPS clock, Weather APRS data converter

  • RX Loop Antenna for 80 and 160 Meters, TinyCAD, ZenitPCB, Home Brew paddles, LogiSim - Logic Circuit Simulator, KiCad EDA, DesignSpark - RS Online, S50CLX Live DX Cluster, JD1BMH online log, Volda Communication

  • Automatic HF Antenna Tuner with Arduino, Choking balun for 160-30 meter band, Welcome to Amateur Radio for Newcomers, Understanding Antenna Polarization, G3LIV Data Interfaces, Improve your Antennas for Low Solar Activity, Ferrite Shop, Interactive Smith chart, APRSdroid to a Baofeng Cable , HF Arduino VNA,

  • WSJT-X 2.4.0 RC1 has been officially released and it includes the new Q65 digital protocol.

  • IC-R20 by Icom. Wideband Receiver Professional radioreceiver, allow double receiver, from HF to Microwave, digital recorde, DTCS, Memories and 11 hours countinuous reception.

  • Software/Virtual Serial PortHW VSP is a free software driver that adds a virtual serial port (e.g. COM5) to the operating system and redirects the data from this port via a TCP/IP network to another hardware interface

  • Antennas/Delta loopBuilding a simple delta loop is very easy. With two fishing rods and some other material you can find in your local hardware store, you can build an efficient single element delta loop antenna





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